Change For The Better

It’s January 1, the day considered to be the first page of this year’s first chapter.  A fresh new year could mean a fresh new start to a lot of us.  May it be a healthier new you, a more mature disposition, saving lots of money or a total make over for an amiable personality, changing for the better has always been a good preliminary and starting point for a day like this.

Change for the BetterAn effective change for the better will not take just a day, it would I guess be more effective if it be done one day at a time.  Little by little.  Can you just imagine what we would be at the end of the year if in each day of it there are some positive changes in us?  That would be 365 little changes and improvements that we could have.

I have to have these changes because I feel that I owe my own life the very best that I could personally offer.  Also, I believe that these changes can eventually lead to positive prospects and possibilities.  I don’t intend to be a perfect person since that would literally be impossible.  But looking at each day as a new chance at being the best that I could possibly can would be my ultimate agenda.

May it be about the changes in my body, improvements in my pocket, enhancement in my personality, progress of my brain or the upgrading and rebooting of my soul, “Change for the Better” would be my 2014 aspiration, target and intention.

Magbago ka na uy!

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