Himig Handog Song Finalists: Review (Part 2)

himig handog p-pop love songsUnlike the past year’s Himig Handog, there is no group or band performing this year.  I wonder why.  Anyway, here’s the second part of my review for this year’s song finalists:

Kahit Na words and music by Bojam De Belen and sang by Toni Gonzaga.  The song’s beat and lyrics are age inappropriate for a 29-year old Toni Gonzaga.  This song could have been fine if it was sung by a singer in her youth.  It is in the same genre of Urong Sulong Ka sang by then 17 years old Regine Velasquez and Mambobola by Zsa Zsa Padilla when she was just 22.  What was Toni thinking when she accepted this assignment?

If You Ever Change Your Mind words, music and vocals by Marion Aunor.  It is an impressive song.  This may be the dark horse among the roster of finalists.  Marion (not Nora) Aunor’s vocal technique can be equated to that of the great Regina Spektor.  Her voice has poignant soul that gives life to the soothing rhythm and spunk of the lyrics.  Moreover, the song has international appeal since it is in the English language.  This high caliber song has universal sentiment which can cross cultural borders.  The song actually can be a potential international hit.

One Day words and music by Agatha Morallos and sang by Angeline Quinto.  The song is simply forgettable. It’s a typical song of the sawi (disheartened).  This is another case of including the song in the finals so as to boost the sales of the CD compilation because of the star power of the artist. Quinto sings great with Tagalog songs but for me she needs to train on proper diction and annunciation of English words.  I can hardly comprehend the lyrics of the song she’s singing.  Good thing the song was in lyric-video form when I saw and heard it on YouTube.

Hanggang Wakas words and music by Soc Villanueva and performed by Juris.  Juris has sweet affecting voice but the lyrics seem old.  “Pag-ibig ko’y wagas”, does this statement still being spoken by the people of today?  This song must have been composed 20 years ago.  Moreover, the lyrics of the song has specific notion and/or subject matter which may not be applicable to some listeners (I perceived it as a certain terminal disease or illness).  For me the song is too sad and too tragic.  In which, you would immediately turn off your radio and shy away from listening to it especially when your suffering from a terminal disease.  It’s too dreadful, this song may fast-track your being tsugi (dead).

For this batch my personal pick would be If You Ever Change Your Mind

Yan ang perst raner ap! Abangan ang Part 3 at ang winner para sa ‘kin…


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