Himig Handog Song Finalists: Review (Part 1)

himig handog p-pop love songsI already accomplished my pre-Lent Season penitensya (penance & self-sacrifice).  I achieved it by successfully listening to the roster of songs announced as finalists in this year’s Himig Handog, the Philippines’ biggest and premiere songwriting competition.  I was able to carry it out because all songs in its lyric-video form were posted on YouTube by Star Records Inc.  Here’s my review for the first 4 songs I listened to.

This Song Is For You music and lyrics by Jude Thaddeus Gitamondoc performed by Erik Santos.  The rendition is the usual Erik Santos in histrionic mode.  After listening to this more-than-four-minute song, I wonder what succeeding song Erik would sing.  This tune I thought is merely an introduction for a supposed good song.  Because usually, singers when they are introduced to sing a great song they would initially tell the audience, “This song is for you” then proceeds with his/her singing.  Whatever that song is, listeners will forever wonder.  It’s actually some kind of an idiotic composition.

Alaala words and music by Fe Mechenette Tianga, Melvin Huervana and Joel Jabat Jr. performed by Yeng Constantino.  Prolific songwriter herself, Constantino’s past songs which she herself wrote, composed and sang were way better than this one.  It’s too dry and too ordinary making it so forgettable.

Pwede Bang Ako Na Lang Ulit words and music by Jeffrey Cifra sang by Bugoy Drilon.  Overall, the song was actually good.  It’s an okay of a song.  I can listen to it for a couple of times in a day but the rendition seems to lack the required sincerity.  The singer’s rendition was fine but he seems to be deficient in sending the correct affection of the song.

Nasa Iyo Na Lahat words and music by Jungee Marcelo and sang by Daniel Padilla.  It sounds like a low-class and artificial impersonation of Jason Mraz.  The score is amateur-ish and the lyrics are dizzyingly redundant. There’s nothing great about the song.  It’s actually diabolical.  I suspect that this composition was included not because of the song but because of the artist.  Daniel being a popular celebrity today can be a great sales booster of the CD compilation.  Besides, one explicit measure for this year’s Himig Handog to be considered successful is if it reaches the multi-platinum status.

For this batch my personal pick would be Pwede Bang Ako Na Lang Ulit…

Yan ang sekond raner-ap!  Abangan ang Part 2.

3 thoughts on “Himig Handog Song Finalists: Review (Part 1)

  • What a fair review of the album, I enjoyed reading! I can’t help but laugh at your own description. So true! I must admit that I do share your sentiment on most of the songs and the performances.

    While I am no fan of OPM I was hoping I would find songs to my liking in this event hosted by ABS CBN. Unfortunately, nothing, absolutely nothing (at least, to me) stands out by way of compositional prowess or arrangement other than melodrama, and to borrow your own use of the word—histrionics. Sadly, this is the desperate condition of our music industry. Pardon me if that’s a little harsh, but I don’t think there’s anyone original here in our country; only inferior imitation of the foreign mainstream. Unfortunately enough, ABS is the purveyor of anything mediocre and ugly which reflects, and sometimes shapes the public’s tastes in entertainment.


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