Toot toot! Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Cheers to another year of awesomeness!

me blowing a 5-year old trumpet

me blowing a 5-year old trumpet

One interesting anecdote that can be derived from the photo above is the torotot (party horn).  It’s a five-year-old bugle which Nengkoy brings out annually from her precious storage chest.  It’s the same bunch of paper trumpets that me and my relatives would use to welcome the New Year.  These hooters are only replaced when it is deemed damaged, pauperized or no longer toots and tootles when blown.

As I’ve observed from the malls recently, today’s party horns are modernized.  It’s made of hard colorful plastic and need not be blown using the strength of your breath.  It is simply pumped by both hands to produce a honking sound.  Also, modern horns seem to have a different sound.  It sounds more like the vuvuzela of South Africa used during the 2010 World Cup.

But Nengkoy’s horns still sounds the classic New Year paper-made trumpets.  Because the mouthpiece that produce the tooting sound (attached inside the nozzle) when I checked is still made of a piece of small hallow bamboo.  Last night, when I sampled the horns, the first thing I uttered was, “Tunog sinauna” (It sounds old and ancient).

Me and my family do not light up fire crackers (like what others would habitually do) to drive away the bad chi of the coming year.  Maybe my family is too clever to play with the dangers of lighting fire crackers and rather smartly chose to be in the safe zone.  Instead, we would usher the welcoming of the New Year by blasting confetti cannons and of course by blowing Nengkoy’s carton-made party horns.

After the New Year revelry, Nengkoy would simply collect all these trumpets, test each if it is still working and store it again in her storage box for next year’s celebration.  Next year for sure I will be blowing the same old yet reliable party horns.

Tut tut! Hapi Nyu Yir!!! 

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