Rizal’s Mona Lisa Smile

Today is Rizal Day.  Let me then post my personal favorite among the numerous photos of the ultimate Pinoy henyo and hero, Jose Rizal.

This is one unusual photo of Rizal which bears his Mona Lisa smile.  It is unlike the usual photo of Rizal which is mostly serious, tensed, unsmiling and oftentimes nondescript.  In this photo he looks happy and seems to have done something naughty.  I specially adore the hoity-toity vibe on his pretty face in this photo.  He looks cool and definitely hip!

what's on his mind...?

what’s on his mind…?

Another remarkable about this photo is that you can actually generate and formulate various thoughts and ideas (similar to the Mona Lisa) on what is on his mind while the shot is being carried out.  It’s a simple yet mysterious smile that can conceive millions of interpretations.

Ampogi ng lolo mo!

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