Uniqlo Philippines

Other than the company which I work for, the only Facebook Page of a company that I pressed the like button is that of Uniqlo.  This Japanese giant clothing retailer will soon open in SM Mall of Asia here in the Philippines in the middle of June this year.

I have been to a Uniqlo store in Osaka last month.  While drooling over the cool shirts and pants featured at the store two things immediately entered my mind.  That is, if I still have enough space in my luggage to fit in a couple of stuff and if my travel budget won’t be ruined out from my impulsive buying.

that white paper bag is my proof of purchase

According to their business profile, Uniqlo plans to become the world’s top apparel company by 2020.  Well, I guess at this early, I am already a fan and will be one damn contributor in achieving their goal.

Can’t wait for the opening… I’m excited!  At this early let me thank Uniqlo for putting up a store here in the Philippines, your store will definitely be an additional venue in nursing my psychic ills whose only treatment is through retail therapy.

Hayaan nyo na akong magpiling-sosyal paminsan-minsan…

1 thought on “Uniqlo Philippines

  1. For sure, magte-trending tong blog mo and Uniqlo Philippines will be forever grateful that they will send you one year supply of shirts and pants…. kasya ako sa large..hehehe!


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