Thanks Jessica

Let me be a thinking well-mannered adult this time around.  This is because Phillip Phillips who won the American Idol 2012 title seems to be a nice and humble gentleman.  Aside from his good looks, these characters I guess made America love him.

Let me be civil and let me give peace a chance.  I will not be bitter and I would not even dare attack anybody.  But I would have been gladder if Jessica Sanchez won American Idol season 11.  But somebody got to lose because only one person can win that show.  Jessica not winning the title will for sure is gonna be just fine and okay.  She has been phenomenal.  She’s amazing and for sure she’s gonna do crazy good things.

Let me say thank you to Jessica for letting me stick and watch the whole season of American Idol this year.  But let me also express my special gratitude to Jessica for bringing in some good and awesome news for the past weeks in the Philippines which is actually pretty hard to come by.  The Philippines has never been so affected by American Idol until now.  It was so strange that an American contest feels so at home and so local here in the Philippines.

Salamat bru!

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