Possessed by Sisa and Don Tiburcio De Espadaña

In the novel Noli Me Tangere written by the Philippine National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, two colorful yet secondary characters were Sisa and Don Tiburcio De Espadaña.  The former is a loving mother with sadomasochistic tendencies who turned nuts when her two accused of theft sacristan children, Crispin and Basilio, has vanished and were nowhere to be found.  The latter is an emotionally disturbed, toothless, poorly dressed limping Spaniard who stutters and is often maltreated by his social-climbing wife yet collects exorbitant fees out from his being a quack doctor.

Noli Me Tangere was written in the era when the now preserved mansions and houses now rebuilt in Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar heritage resort located in Bagac, Bataan flourished.  This is the magnificent resort that I and my travel-buddy Karen spent our weekend.

While exploring the marvelous resort, we found a studio that offers pictorial services in which clients will be photographed wearing traditional Filipino dresses during the 18th and 19th century.  We availed of the photo shoot package and were handed with our respective Filipiniana costumes.

Inside the dressing room it seems that we were possessed and controlled over by the spirits of Sisa and Don Tiburcio De Espadaña that resulted to the following bizarre and wacky images.

No we were not in some serious drugs!

Ano sa Tagalog ang “jumpshot”? 

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