A Rare Birthday Celebration Suggestion


During the birthday dinner of my Ate Gaying at Nengkoy’s humble abode, she asked the members of Nengkoy’s dynasty on what would be a brilliant activity the family would like to do to celebrate her only child’s birthday.  Luis, my darkest dashing and school-heartthrob pamangkin, is celebrating his 15th birthday on July 12 but since it is a weekday, the family agreed to celebrate it on a weekend.  When it was my turn to air out my ideas, I presented two spectacular suggestions.

Option number 1 was for the whole clan to go to the long-been-neglected and dilapidated Manila Zoo.  I explained that it has been a long time since any of us has entered and witnessed this ancient zoo in the metropolis.  It would be a good chance for the whole family to see how the stinky elderly animals live their boring lives in captivity.

The second option, my personal choice, was the rarest which I believe no single soul in this planet has done to celebrate a birthday.  Option number 2 was for the whole clan to ride the crammed and jam-packed Manila Rail Transit (MRT) train from Pasay Rotonda station to North Avenue station in Quezon City then back!

The idea was for the whole family to get off the train and take photos (with wacky poses) of the whole group in every stop and station.  I’m sure these pictures will be posted in the private Facebook page of the family called Team Langit.  Clever and brain twisting parlor games will be played while the coach is running in between stations, one great game sample would be the classic Pinoy Henyo.

When the whole clan reached North Avenue station (the last station), Nengkoy and her descendants will be treated to a sumptuous afternoon meal catered either by susyal Cibo or mas susyal LaMer Catering.  The caterer’s set-up will not be in any of the dining venues inside the mall adjacent to North Avenue station but will be right there at the MRT station’s train landing (of course with the permission from MRT management).

After the lavish meal, the whole family will take the train ride back to Pasay Rotonda.  Since Pasay Rotonda station is only 10 minutes away from SM Mall of Asia, the whole tribe will proceed to this mall riding the luxurious Kuliglig (an urban jungle motorized pedicab).  To culminate the birthday dude’s celebration, the whole family will wait to watch for the mall’s spectacular weekend fireworks extravaganza!

O di ba kakaiba at magandang aydiya?! Adbans Happy Birthday Luis… : )

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