Relaxing With Andrew Lloyd Webber

The venue was relaxing, the cocktail was sumptuous, the music was pleasing to the ear, the crowd was elegant, the lighting was keen, the stage design was remarkable and the performers were impressive.

Due to this, my whole experience watching and listening to The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber held last Tuesday night (June 28) at CCP’s Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo was simply outstanding.

Aside from the praises I indicated above, the best thing about the show is that it need not require its viewers to bring along their brain in the theater. The musical does not have a usual story line to think and analyze about.

The show was great but it could have been better.  The program was an extravaganza of  compiled great works of Andrew Lloyd Webber but it was not structured in a way that would generate and give birth to a different story similar to that of Mama Mia (the compiled songs of Abba) or The Boy From Oz (the compiled songs of Peter Allen).

Or maybe it was really intended this way so that the viewers would go home relaxed and unwind-ed.  It was simply a chill-out type of revue.  It was so relaxing, I wanted to sleep and suspend my sensory activities during the program!  By the way, my top three favorite Andrew Lloyd Webber compositions were included in the program – Love Changes Everything (from Aspects of Love); Tell Me On A Sunday (from the show of same name); and, No Matter What (originally sang by Boyzone).

With story or not, overall, I had a rather enjoyable time at the theater that night…

Kinigkinig lang…

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