Sana Umulan ng Pera

me, nengkoy & 3 of my monster pamangkins

Last December 31 and January 1, a lot of people received lesser number of text messages as compared to same dates of previous years.  Sending a greeting via wall post on Facebook is more inexpensive and of course reached wider coverage.

Since everyone wished the classic peace, love and harmony among mankind this coming new year, I decided to be more practical in terms of my wish and greeting to everybody.  And since I own an extremely crazy blog, let me post the New Year greeting I sent via text message last December 31…

“Sana’y yumaman tayo at umulan ng pera sa taong 2011.

Happy New Year!!! “

I acknowledge that money is the root of all evil.  But I also recognize the glaring fact that having money is one important aspect to live a more normal, more secured and happier life this year and the years to come.  It pays the bills, it buys you stuff and it saves the future!  You cannot live in love alone.  Love doesn’t feed you, it usually gives you indigestion.  Blame it on the butterflies in your stomach. Mwahahaha! (laughing ala Ursula the Sea Witch)

To all those who greeted me through text message, Facebook or any other form or medium… a big hug, a wet kiss and warm thanks to all of you!

Sino ayaw ng pera? Aber!

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