Benchinko from the Universe

Are you the type who would pick up a coin resting on the sidewalk – diez, cinco, benchinko or mamera?

For the past 4 decades of my life, I never bothered laying claim to those abandoned piece of hard metal lying on the streets used as a token for trade and commerce.  I always thought that a dropped coin of little monetary value left lying on sidewalks for considerable amount of time are just too small a denomination for me to bother picking up.

With a fusion of magnanimous laziness, lack of interest and altruism, I have always left sidewalk “barya” (coins) for someone else to pick-up.  Moreover, it takes up extra space in my pocket!

But while I was taking my usual cigarette break at the patio area of my unit this morning, I strangely found and saw a “benchinko” (25 centavo coin) lying on the floor.  I stay at the 24th floor of a building and there must be no way for a stranger to drop this coin.

I picked it up!  This is when I realized that a hit-upon coin lying on a floor or a sidewalk is a small gift from the universe.  Passing up a dime, a quarter or a penny shows lack of appreciation about unexpected positive energy.  It is like failing to acknowledge little surprises of life’s state of affairs.

It’s important to appreciate small things and be grateful about it.  By picking up an abandoned coin on sidewalks, we gratefully receive what the universe is bestowing us even if it is of miniscule size, range and magnitude.

And so from now on, I’ll always pick up those diez, cinco, benchinko or even mamera.

Iipunin ko ang mga yan tapos ibo-blo awt ko kayo!

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