Visita Buddha

Don’t get me wrong, I am a Catholic but Visita Iglesia is one Filipino custom that I have yet to do.  It is a Catholic tradition of visiting at least seven churches in one day to ernestly pray- usually done on a Maundy Thursday.  Maybe it is because being based in the Philippines I know that I will at one point in my life will have the chance to do it.  The opportunity is always present and possible.

This made me so guilty when I recently had my second opportunity to visit Bangkok, Thailand.  Because stepping into Bangkok is a rare chance, I again find myself visiting the various Buddhist Wat-s (temples).  These are the counterparts of the Catholic churches in Manila.

I am especially at awe with the very Asian culture, aesthetic designs and architecture of Bangkok.  Entering each of the glittering Buddhist temples of Bangkok basically made the same impression when I enter the Catholic churches here in Pinas.  It is serene, it is spiritual, it is pious and it is heavenly.  I am very impressed though by the Thai Buddhist people praying with much focus and deep contemplation because unlike the churches in the Philippines their temples in Bangkok are tourist-flooded!

Here’s the proof of my guilt, my Vista Buddha encounters…




 Ayun na pa sayn op da kros ako pagka-dasal ko sa isa sa mga templo!

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