Wet or Wetter

uThe Philippines after two devastating weather disturbances lived-up to its name as the storm laboratory in Asia Pacific.  In the news today, experts say that future rains in the country would even be heavier compared to the past years as attributed to the change in climate and global warming.

When I was young, I did not agree to the knowledge that the country’s two seasons in a year was either wet or dry.  I always thought that our country’s two seasons was either hot or hotter.  But congruent to the shift in world’s climate, my belief is also starting to change.  I am starting to believe that Philippine weather seasons is either wet or wetter.  During the hot and hotter years, Pinoys are actually wet or wetter.  We are wet or wetter due to the sweat we sweat.

It was also hot or hotter for the past couple of decades that Pinoy brains melt and mixed with the sweat.  The brain thawed and what is left is the hypothalamus – the seat of human sex and carnal knowledge.  And since sex is a mental thing (yes! ultimate height of sex happen in the brain), copulation and procreation became Pinoy’s national past-time.  As a result, Pinoys are consequently wet or wetter in specific portions of the body (figure it out where) that led to the country’s explosion in population.

Ayan! Basa na!

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