Clearing Guilt after Ondoy

Sweat, dust, garbage, mud, rummaged appliances and hot ultraviolet rays are some elements that I was exposed to when I joined my company’s feeding program effort for the victims of typhoon Ondoy (international name Ketsana) in Marikina.  But I am definitely not complaining.

My participation in extending a helping hand was more for me than for the victims, because it enabled me to appease myself from any guilt feelings and self-condemnation from the comforts that I have.  It was a physical way to thank the Heavens that I have been spared from the ravages of the ugly and devastating typhoon.

ondoyTo those souls who were not screwed up by typhoon Ondoy but did not lift a finger to lend a helping hand can also become a casualty.  They can be a victim of or haunted by GUILT, unless such person is insensitive, coldhearted or dead.  Lifting a finger does not necessarily mean you should practically go to devastated areas and make your presence felt but a deep sincere prayer will do.

And because I possess a loony soul and since you will be praying, may I suggest that you also pray for those people who steal donations meant for typhoon victims to be exclusively messed up by whatever catasthrophe that is ahead.

Naaning-aning nanaman ako… Amen!

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