Pinoy English: Go! Go! Go!

First and for all, I don’t care less to say that I am a strong proponent of learning English as a common language.  Coming from a country of multiple dialects, i know for a fact since time in memorial that a common language can bridge groups of differing opinions.

The idea crossed at the back of my mind telling me that language may not necessarily unite opposing views, but it’s a blessing in the sky because it allows communication and understanding at the rudimentary level.  Therefore, remember to always English correctly because if you do, your friends will give you a big hand of applause.  That is why always tell your friends to speak in English because the more the manyer and what are friends are for?

I may be barking at the wrong dog, but some believe that efficiency in speaking and writing English does not necessarily result to the country’s financial development as evidenced by Asian countries who speak poor English but with the sky’s the langit riches.  But still, I’m only human nature to believe that every cloud has a silver lightning in which this skill will eventually and somehow make our country richly developed.  Thus, if you don’t practice English, it’s not my problem anymore, it’s your problem anymore.

Teka-moment.  Na-whelm ako! I stand by korekted!

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