Farm Town Addict

Farm_TownIt has been one and a half week that I have been insanely addicted to Farm Town, the most popular game in Facebook.  The idea behind Farmtown is that users are given their own farm in which they can build and develop from scratch.  Players can plow, plant seeds, grow and harvest crops (to sell), raise animals, plant trees and flowers, line-up fences – all through the magic of the virtual world.  Though virtually, this game confirms my knack on being a great farmer – a job which in my wildest fantasies never existed.

With the success of Facebook as the trendiest social networking site in the country today, for sure a lot of Pinoys would enjoy the addicting features of the game.  I must admit that this is one shallow guilty pleasure I now enjoy.  I have wasted a lot of precious hours tending my virtual farm.  I even missed and failed to do my Saturday laundry day just to harvest and plow others’ farm so as to earn more coins to buy and spend for some stuff for my farm (like a couple of windmills, a barn, a llama, a few fences and a lot of trees and flowering plants).

As of this writing, I am now at level 27 and I don’t intend to cease developing my virtual farm.  I am still looking forward to the additional features of the game which I believe the genius site developers are still working on.

For some twisted suggestions, I personally would like the following zany features be added in the game:

  • The pets (especially the dogs) look so cute.  The game actually has sounds of these animals: dogs barking, cats meowing, cows mooing, etc.  The game would be more fun if the dogs would bark and run after those farmers/players who visit other farm without notice or authorization.
  • In the real agricultural world, pestilence sometimes afflicts a farm.  For sure, players will get totally hooked if hordes of locusts would plague a player’s farm especially those that were left unvisited for a couple of days.
  • The crops (vegetables and fruits) that can be planted on the farm are quite mundane.  I suggest that the developers add Marijuana as the costliest seeds to buy in the market and yield the highest points when harvested.

All in all, I am still excited on how my farm would look like after reaching higher levels of the game.  Thanks to the brilliant developers of Farm Town! I’m impressed…

Ayan, na-adik  na ko…

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