Tons of Thonz

It was a boring Saturday for it was my usual household chore day.  It was a nothing-special day until I was sent a text message by my officemate informing me to proceed right away to the Grand Ballroom of Century Park Hotel for it was soon to be our company’s entry to perform at the National Bartending Competition.

In my slippers, a simple shirt and jeans, I crossed the street to proceed to the said venue.  When I arrived I learned that the second half of the 23 participants has yet to perform.  Waiting for our entry’s turn, I watched the other bartenders perform in curious attention that even made my day more boring.

However, the phase of the day suddenly changed when Thonz Viola, our bartender appeared on stage and did his performance stuff.  I was literally controlling myself from screaminmg for it is not allowed to cheer in the middle of the performance otherwise Thonz will be disqualified.  He ended the performance with much elegance, charm and precision.  All eyes in the audience were stuck on watching the handsome routine as if Thonz possess talismanic powers that seem to have hypnotized everyone.

The phase of my day even peaked higher when Thonz was announced as the third place winner and is officially part of the 3-man Philippine Team for the upcoming ASEAN Bartending Competition.  This was the moment when all the pent-up energy that I and my colleagues have been trying to control all the while was released by applauding, shouting approval and cheering to much elation for Thonz.

Congratulations to Ms. Grace Villadolid and Mr. Bernie Bonoan who coached and gave all efforts to train and support Thonz.  Of course, all praises for Thonz who brought joy, pride and honor to me and my colleagues.

Under the beautiful ray of summer sunshine, I went home elated, happy and smiling.  I was so happy I was able to clean my bathroom later in the afternoon without grumble and apprehension.

Galing! Galing!

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