Celia: of the Heavens…

Celia is a female name of Latin origin.  It is from the Latin word “caelum” meaning heaven.  It is also believed to be from the Latin word “Caelia”, the feminine form of the old Roman clan name “Caelius” meaning heavenly or “of the Heavens”.

According to the internet, the name Celia was seldom used during the medieval ages and was only first introduced and popularized to the English-speaking population via literature.  Thanks to Shakespeare who named one of the characters as Celia in his play “As You Like It”.

In the United States, the name Celia was at its most popular during the 1850’s when it ranked 84th most popular name for a baby girl.  In 2004, it was the 23rd most popular name in France.  In Spain, it was the 35th most popular name in 2006.  Again in the United Sates, it ranked as the 783rd most popular girl’s name in 2007.

In the Philippines, the most popular woman named Celia is of course Celia Rodriguez, the actress with husky voice and big bulging eyes best known for her classic kontrabida (villain) role as Dr. Valentina Vrandakapoor, ang babaing ahas (snake-lady) with PhD in Reptilian Zoology in the movie “Lipad, Darna Lipad!” during the ’70s.

In numerology, Celia is equivalent to “3” meaning optimistic, easy-going, sociable and humorous.

As a form of calamity, Celia is a retired name for Atlantic hurricane, meaning it is no longer being re-used.  It was retired after Hurricane Celia, a category 3 hurricane damaged Cuba and Texas in 1970.

As a mainstream popular animated movie, Celia is Mike’s girlfriend-receptionist in the movie Monsters Inc.  She is the character who is also in charge of announcing the new monster that takes the position of Top Scarer.

Celia is the real given name of Nengkoy.  Only during my short research did I know that my mother’s first and last names if translated both in English would exactly mean the same.  Celia, a Latin-originated word meaning “heaven” and Langit (her surname) a Tagalog-Malay word also meaning “heaven”.  Thus, in English-speaking world, Nengkoy’s name would be Heaven Heaven.

Being mother’s day today, I will not characterize Nengkoy for now… because its all in the name…

Yan ang Nanay ko! Happy Mother’s Day Nanay!

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