System Failure

Schools’ vacation season has barely a month to go.  It has been a couple of weeks that wallets and purses of persevering parents has been on rest period.  However, expensive payment on school fees and “baon” will soon be reactivated.  Stop gaps are now being undertaken by socially-aware students not to allow increase in their fees for the upcoming school year by picketing onto the streets in front of the country’s education agencies.  What is so notable is that these youths who opted to bring their concern to the streets are without the support of the street parliamentary nuns and priests.

The only academic scheme Pinoys get hold of is public education.  The Church, the concrete and somewhat tangible supposed powers from Heaven has failed to act as a key figure of good basic education essential to Pinoy society.  It is so apparent that its inclination is for its own business enterprise by establishing and carrying out high-priced private education called Catholic school.

Though it is non-government institution, the so called Catholic schools mostly cater to the nation’s economic elite.  Catholic educators promote that they are in-charge of shaping the moral backbone of the next generation but this obviously has become very selective.  The cost of Catholic school education is so unreasonably pricey Pinoy families of the lower income bracket (which is the majority of the population) obviously cannot afford.

Aside from boosting on youth’s partaking on the sacramental life of a Catholic and study religion, its one societal advocary – since they’re into education business – is to improve the educational system in the country.  However, being one of the most powerful systems in Pinoy psyche they seem concentrated on watching over the beautification of its own little chapels in their respective campuses and busy scheduling the  next “retreat” of their blue-blooded students either in Tagaytay or in Baguio.

It can therefore be deduced that the Catholic Church even contributes to the sustenance in the gap between the rich and the poor of society.  The rich continues to be richly trained and the poor remains to be poorly educated.

Another irony about these schools is that it does not necessitate to be a Catholic in religion before a soul can enroll or study.  However, possesion of bazillions of pesos is absolutely a requirement no matter if your religion is Saksi Ni Batman.

“Keyr ko!” sabi ni monsignor.  Hala magagalit si Archbishop nito!

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