Bachna Ae Hasseno

Being trapped in an airplane from Casablanca to Manila gave me the opportunity to watch movies shown free in the airline.

As I zapped through the remote control, I discovered that there were vast choices of movies to choose from.  Qatar Ailines featured a wide spectrum of movies to watch while the airplane is flying.  There were movies from Oriental countries, European countries, South American countries and Middle East ones.  There were even 2 Pinoy movies to choose from.  There was the KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez flick and the Tony Gonzaga and Vhong Navarro movie to watch.

Since I had long hours to waste I settled to watch marathon Oscar-nominated movies and later decided to go for a Bollywood flick.  I heard Bollywood movies are usually more than 2 hours to finish.  The first full length Bollywood movie I watched was entitled Bachna Ae Hasseno.  The story was fun and lighthearted.  A true Bollywood genre because the characters would suddenly burst into a song with matching outlandish dance number coupled with spectacular production numbers.  The film is about a Casanova heartbreaker who goes from one love affair to another, only to run into true love.

The film did not disappoint me in terms of the style Bollywood films are known for.  It featured gorgeous locations, good looking characters, bouncy musical numbers and breathless romance.  What is so good about the movie is its light mainstream entertainment which did not require the viewer to think.

The movie was something new and was a refreshing experience considering that I am in the middle of a notorious long travel.  Too bad I was stuck on my seat and there was not enough space to dance Bollywood style.

Wala lang.  Gusto ko lang isulat ang kakaibang karanasang ito.

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