Beautiful Disaster

A lot has been written about the 1980 Pinoy movie entitled Temptation Island.  Some has considered it as one of the greatest Pinoy masterpieces.  Others say that it is a moving cinematic experience.  A lot declares it as the campiest most hilarious Filipino movie ever made.  But others commented on it as a crazy-awful movie.

I am not a film critic and I don’t consider myself as the last authority on movie reviews but after seeing the movie for the second time, all I can say is that the movie has gone beyond the word “worst”.  But I’m saying it not on a negative note but rather as a compliment.  The movie was so bad that it has crossed the bundaries of “negative border” (meaning the negative of all negatives).  Thus, it can therefore be considered an excellent work of art.  The movie was so criminally stupid it is no longer irritating but insanely entertaining.  The movie was so preposterously funny even without the intention of being humorous.

As a piece of advice before watching the movie – for those who has not seen it – don’t take the movie seriously otherwise you will miss the point of its being a great film.

There is no dull moment in the movie.  I don’t want to pick out my favorite scene for I love all the scenes.  I love the twisted humor since I believe the director intended it to be a serious flick but came out so campy and funny.  I love the cheap special effects and technical faults for it added to the unquantifiable laughter I exhibited while watching the film.  I love the appalling and without-mercy overacting performances of the lead actresses.  I love the stimulating and utterly ridiculous lines the actors and actresses throw on each other.  For me, the written script and lines spoken and how these were spoken by the characters in the film made the movie a “classic”.

Temptation Island is pure unadulterated fun.  The film is such a magnificent disaster it is definitely a Pinoy movie masterpiece.

Salamat kay Kuki Catindig sa pagpapahiram ng VCD copy.

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