Mon, Amy & Efren

When I was in Macau last December with Karen and Denton, we would address the locals as ‘my friend’.  “My friend, where is this?”  “My friend, what is that?”  “My friend, how is this?”  My friend, why is that?”

‘Efren’ sounding so similar to ‘my friend’, my avant-garde friend Karen after a considerable extraordinary intellectualization concluded that the most common name in Macau is Efren.  According to her you can call every local as Efren.

In Morocco, I kept hearing ‘Mon Ami’ when a local or tourist would call or address a total stranger.  When a store attendant would call me Mon Ami I would not respond for I don’t know what it connotes.  But my French-speaking friend Charlie would tell me that the store attendant was actually calling me.

Similar to Karen, after stupendous intellectualization, I came to a conclusion that the most common and popular name in Morocco is not Abdul or Mohammed but Mon and Amy.

After my stick-figured thighs were showing signs of muscular definition from all the walking along all the Mohammed V streets and old medinas of Marrakech, Casablanca, Essaouira and Fes, I learned that Mon Ami are the French words meaning ‘my friend’.

Magandang hapon sa lahat ng Efren sa Macau at sa lahat ng Mon at Amy sa Morocco.

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