Silly Similarities

Via airplane, Philippines to Morocco is a 19-hour journey.  The time zone difference between Pinas and Morocco is 8 hours.  Pinas is hot, Morocco is cold.  Majority of Pinoys are Christian while Moroccans are Islam.  It’s basically worlds apart.  But after my 2 weeks vacation, I realized that there are similarities between the two countries…

  • Inhabitants do not have the concept of using the zebra/pedestrian lane.  Moroccans like Pinoys would cross the street wherever they want unmindful of the imminent danger of a fast approaching vehicle.
  • Motorists in both country think that traffic laws are mere suggestions.  Both citizens ignore the significance of the yellow traffic light.  Crossing the road in both countries are the surest way to heaven.
  • People can assume that underpass walkways have no purpose other than its aesthetic presence.  No one dares to go by the underpass due to the possibility of being mugged and get out from it black and blue.
  • Residential streets are turned into big sports venue.  In Pinas, streets are turned into bantam basketball courts while in Morocco streets are turned into mini soccer fields.
  • There are lots of bootleg peddlers on the streets offering tourists to buy fake (made in China) watches and sunnies.
  • Dingy street corners of urbanite cities stink in the morning as caused by the trace of urine leaked by a drunken man the previous night.
  • Both countries have internet cafes that don’t serve coffee.

Ang listahang ito din ang mga hindi ko na-miss sa Pinas.

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