John Travolta Country

When I arrived  in Casablanca the first thing I noticed is that almost all men were wearing dark colored jackets.  Jackets in Morocco is a necessity to cover ones body from the notorious cold weather.  Coming from an awful needle stinging summer in Manila, I felt so cold that tiny blood vessels in my nostrils broke I had to pick blood stained boogers out of my nose.

Men in Casablanca would commonly wear dark leather jackets.  I don’t know if the leather type is so “in” in such a country that almost all young ones prefer to wear it.  They would pair the leather jacket with tight fitting dark denim jeans.  Thanks to their innate genes for the superb butt shapes they possess.  Denim jeans seem to fit them perfectly.

Another noticeable common appearance among Moroccan men is their hair.  They tend to put a lot of gel on their thick wavy hair.  I’m sure gel manufacturers in Morocco do not feel the worldwide financial crisis and their Sales Executives for sure are having a great time due to the high demand of their product.

Moroccan men usually sport the wet look brushed up hairstyle as if a salivating camel has been summoned to lick them before going out of their respective houses.

Moroccan men being so consistent with this fashion statement, my friends Charlie and Joesel agreed that these men sport the John-Travolta-Grease-Era look.  We declared then that Morocco is one big John Travolta country.  For a brief moment, I thought I would see a monument of Danny Zuko (the name of John Travolta’s character in Grease).

After such a keen observation and notes of amused beliigerence about Moroccan men’s fashion taste, I couldn’t stop wondering whether if we would one day bump into Olivia Newton John singing ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You’ while having 2 weeks of self indulgent holiday in Morocco.

Ang galing. Parang pelikula and itsura!

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