I Love Berber

Berbers are considered the first and oldest inhabitants of Morocco long before the Arabs and French came.  They are considered the backward and less-developed people of the country in terms of adopting to the new technology and modern ways of living.  The word “barbarian” was actually based from this large ethnic community.

While here in Morocco, spending a magnificent 2-week holiday, people seem amazed with my rare look.  People of Morocco has mistaken me to be a Japanese, a Chinese, a Korean, a Malaysian, a Mexican, an American, and even a Guatemalan.  No Moroccan inhabitant guessed right where I came from.  And when I told them that I came from the beautiful tropical country of the Philippines, they would give me a blank reaction thinking if there actually exists a country by such name.

After numerous times of telling the local people where I came from and tired of explaining what and where Philippines is, I settled on telling everyone that I am a Berber.  Upon hearing this, they would usually give me a big smile or a warm hug and they seem to look proud of my willingness to be part of their system.

As an intial impression, people of Morocco no doubt looks and sounds rough and unrefined but if you will get to know and understand them better, they are actually caring and welcoming.  They are like their bread, hard and crunchy on the outside but soft and fluffy in the inside.

People of Morocco for me has been an irony of robust and unrefined grace mixed with warm hospitality.  Their dealings with people, tourists or non-tourists, is a kaleidoscope of undescribable roughness which actually adds to the charm and color of the nation.

Di pwede ang mahina ang loob dito.  Basta Berber ako dito.  Grrrr!

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