Moroccan Adventure Checklist

Passport, check.  Cash and plastic money, check.  Luggage, check.  Travel insurance, check.  Hotel accommodations, check.  Airline e-ticket, check.  Clothes, sandals & undergarments, check.  Toiletries, check.  Camera, iPod, cellphone and chargers, check.  Cellphone international roaming application, check.  Shades, Yosi and lighter, check.  Approval for a 2-week vacation leave, check.  A haircut good for 2 weeks before considered too long check.  Endorse to Nengkoy to water the plants in my veranda while I’m away, check.  A piece of brain and a lot of common sense, check.  Delicious body, check.

Tomorrow is the start of my 2-week north African adventure.  I can’t wait to get loco in Morocco…


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