Summer Queen 2009

I never thought that I would be the program emcee in the first gay pageant that I would personally watch and witness.

Unlike the usual relay competitions, parlor games, team building events and other outdoor physical activities held during the annual summer outing by various companies around the country, the support service units of the company I’m presently working with decided to stage a unique and unusual program.  Held in the hot spring resorts capital of Pinas (Pansol, Laguna) we had a gay beauty pageant and named it Ms. Summer Queen 2009.

The program was a big blast, bringing all my co-employees to laught out loud and literally roll on the floor because of the side-splitting antiques presented by the schizophrenic drag queen candidates.  There were only 5 participants but seeing them transmogrified in a totally different form was unexpectedly hilarious.

Gerard was nymphetty pretty, Leo (the crowned winner) was surprisingly stunning.  Red was such a contrarian by being slutty yet charming.  Sofie was the archetype representation of ferocious sophistication.  By the way, not all candidates were gay.  There was Pekto who joines, cross-dressed and morphed to look like an androgenous lady.  He added more to the riot, unmindful in flashing his scary huge tattooes on his forearms, shoulders and upper torso.

I don’t give a rat’s ass about how other companies’ reaction on us changing the usual concept and traditional outdoor summer activities.  The wacky pageant made our summer outing this year unique and like no other.

As for my emceeing, I considered it the toughest hosting stint I ever had for I need to contain and control my laughter while the program is running.

Mapapa-utot ka talaga sa katatawa! 

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