Pinay Raping Pinas

March 17, 2009 was the day when a Filipina raped the Philippines.  This was the day when ‘Nicole” (the Pinay who shouted rape accusing American soldier Daniel Smith in November 1, 2005) recanted her testimony.  She released an affidavit stating that she is no longer sure if she was actually raped or was an intoxicated and uninhibited willing party to a hot sexual encounter inside a van in Subic.

As every Pinoy knows, the poor American soldier was sentenced to reclusion perpetua or a minimum of 20 years imprisonment.  During the height of the murky investigation, the Philippines no doubt became united in backing-up and supporting the pronouncement of their fellow Pinoy even if the testimony of ‘Nicole’ were spotty.  Filipinos were very emotional in shouting justice for the poor helpless Pinay.  That is why when the verdict was released, the Filipinos demonstrated euphoria exclaiming that justice is still alive in the country.  She became an icon of the Philippines, victorious in collapsing the firm solid wall of Uncle Sam.

This is without us knowing that while all these brouhaha of nationalism is happening, our “poor and wounded” ‘Nicole’ is already raping the Philippines.  Ponder about mental trauma in twisted irony!  ‘Nicole’ was already dating another American soldier and is already planning and processing her American visa application.  ‘Nicole’ now is enjoying a full life in America with an American boyfriend breathing fresh American air.

Two things can be deduced out from these developments: ‘Nicole’ now is one of the most hated Pinays; and, Carlo J. Caparas (the movie/producer Czar of Pinoy massacre movies) now has the best material to revive his career.

Isang bonggang-bonggang batok para kay Nicole!

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