Makatang Oztralian

jesse, karen, joesel & me in oztralia

jesse, karen, joesel & me in oztralia

I have been receiving multiple correspondences from my Australian friends whom I would be with on my out-of-the-country trip this season.  The most notable message I have received is from Jesse Concepcion.  He has composed a precise Tagalog message for me and my other Aussie friends on how he should be addressed when sending him e-mail messages.

I am very impressed with the clear-cut Tagalog choice of words of Jesse which will make you doubt that he has been living Down Under.  What is good about his poetic attempt in the usage of the Pinoy language is his effortless capability to compose wacky and gut wrenching thoughts.  I even message him that he seems better in writing Tagalog than I am, when in fact, I am the one who is living here in this sardonic Tagalog-speaking country.

This led me to think of English words when directly translated into Tagalog would be nothing but foolish.  Here are some of the words which I tried translating in Tagalog…

  • Website : Sapot na Lugar
  • Good Cholesterol : Mabuting Sebo
  • Pot Session : Palayok na Pagpupulong
  • Out of Control : Labas ang Panggigigil
  • User Friendly : Manggagamit na Palakaibigan
  • Black Forrest Cake : Mamon sa Itim na Gubat
  • Call Boy : Tawagin si Boy
  • Microsoft : Maliit na, Malambot pa
  • Noted by: Nota Ni
  • Toothpaste : Kolgeyt

I’m sure Oztralian Jesse would have the precise translation for all these words.

Ito ay para sa nakamamanghang abilidad ni ginoong Jesse.

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