A Letter to Mestizo Consulado

Muy Señor Mio:


I learned through the internet that Filipinos are required to apply for a visa if he wishes to go to your country for either business or pleasure trip.  I learned that it will take me at least a month to process a tedious application for Spanish visa here in the Philippines due to a long list of document-requirements.

I felt betrayed when upon searching the internet I learned that other South East Asian nationals who don’t even have a speckle of Spanish heritage need not apply for a visa if they wished to go to Spain.  They are the lucky Singaporeans, the Malaysians and the people of Brunei Darussalam.

This made me wonder how come you prohibit allowing my automatic entry into your country when my Filipino ancestors even allowed your empire to replace their Indio surnames to Spanish last names even if they do not possess a single gene of Spanish blood.

I understand that your empire was kicked out of my country during the Spanish-American war in the latter part of 19th century.  But you should understand that it’s the Americans to blame and not us, the undeserving Filipinos.  I know Rizal my national hero hated you so much, but that was a long time ago and that was sparked due to the long standing heinous enslavement of my ancestors by that of your impious priests.  Nevertheless, you should be pleased that Rizal’s eternal novels, Noli and Fili, were written in Spanish.  You should be enlightened that Pinoy’s youth nowadays knows more about tennis star Rafael Nadal than that of Rizal.

It also kept me cogitate how come I am not allowed just to show up at the Madrid airport and just present a valid passport so as to enter your mestizo country.  I wonder why I need to have a prior visa when my country has been under your rule for 333 years, when my country’s name was named after your ruler who died of syphilis, when a big percentage of my spoken words were based on your confusing language, when it is considered chic and hip if a young Pinoy knows how to speak Spanish and when there is even “España” a major roadway in Manila where Asia’s oldest university is located and where I took my master’s degree.

Your utmost response of enlightenment will be truly appreciated.

Le Saluda atentamente,


P.S.  I was personally elated when Penelope Cruz, a Spanish national, won Best Supporting Actress in the recently concluded Oscar Awards.

Besos, besos, besos…

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