Recycled SMS – love it or hate it

I’m sure a lot of us have been a recipient of text messages that were sent by a person who also received the same message as sent by another soul who in turn also received it as sent by another sender, otherwise known as a recycled text message.  A recycled SMS could be a holiday greeting, an inspirational note, a crazy joke, a brain twister, an intelligent quotation or a romantic expression of love.  I personally appreciate receiving recycled messages from friends who cared to remember and even spent a couple of pesos worth of SMS.  I especially love those hilarious text jokes!

I have a lot of acquaintances and associates who would boast about their lover’s habit of sending sweet messages – some are even with designs and patterns – which are obviously unoriginal and recycled.  Moreover, there are a lot of people who would feel so exhiliratingly touched and electrifyingly smitten when they would receive a text message from their lover or significant other indicating how he/she loved, or missed or cared for by the sender without realizing that such were recycled.

People don’t know that re-used text message relaying an expression of intimate love for the receiver should be one big issue.  If you scrutinize deeper, you being the end receiver must actually get upset, troubled and distressed.  Plumes of smoke should waft out from your ears because the true source of this kind of message is a creature who also cares, loves and adores the sender (otherwise known as your lover).

Just imagine how did your lover come up with those digital birds and flowers in his/her text message or how in hell did your lover thought of those perfect set of intelligent words to express his/her love and devotion.  Ponder about infidelity in the first degree!  I believe only those with deep intellectual faculty would realize this.  The dynamics of recycled-text-message-sending relaying an intimate expression of love has yet to be realized by the general public, so think again before going bonkers when you’re a recipient of swee-nothing second-hand messages.

Hoy gising! Pinadala yan sa kanya ng iba tapos pinadala lang sa ‘yo.  Yun yon.

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