Now that I am a big child the word kalog is used to describe a person who is fun, hilarious and genuinely comical.  A person who is so kalog would be the type you would want to be with during a boring road trip, a dry party or a dull gathering.  They never seem to grow old and totally not a wallflower, they are considered to be the life of a party.

But when I was a small child the word kalog stands for something else.  Kalog is actually a game using at least three tansan (soda caps) shook together inside a loosely clasped hands of the player.  The style of shaking the tansans between both hands can sometimes be distinctive in nature for you can put your hands near your ear while shaking the tansans as if listening seriously onto the sound of the joggling soda caps.  After a sufficient time of shaking, the tansans are released towards the floor and the player claps his hand together making sure that the sound of single clap is concurrent with the sound of tansans smashing the ground.  You would determine the winner for each kalog by how the topside or underside of the soda caps settled on the floor.  The owner of the tansan with a surface (either topside or underside) that rested differently from the rest of the soda caps on the ground is considered the winner.

Kalog is a juvenile form of gambling similar to heads-or-tails game not to win money but to win any on-season-collectible that a child would want to amass.  An on-season-collectible is otherwise known as “uso” in Tagalog.

During my childhood days various silly goods would suddenly become the on-season-collectible which surprisingly swells its popularity without any media or adversitising agency announcement.  When kids are fed-up collecting such, its popularity would naturally conk away and a new collectible would arise.  Some of the uso to be amassed goods during my childhood were nothing like today’s generation collectibles like electronic toys or gadgets.  My childhood collectibles then were useless rubbish goods like soda caps, rubber bands, candy wrappers, teks (small playcards with printed storyboad clip), cigarette pack wraps and even salagubang (beetles).

Also, during my childhood days, a kid who amassed a great amount of on-season-collectible is being envied and is very popular among his cliques.  One way to accumulate all these collectibles is by playing kalog.

Tara kalog tayo! Ano bang uso? 

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