Head Lice in Coconut Milk

I have read in a novel by Dan Brown entitled Deception Point that sea creatures served on our tables like shrimps, lobsters and crabs are closely related to land insects.  They belong in the same phylum arthropoda.  Actually, some scientists would consider these sea creatures as the insects of the sea.

In our generation, due to the shortage of food, various delicacies were developed so as to fill the empty stomachs of billions of people around the world.  Here in the Philippines it is now common that crickets and other similar land insects are served on our table, in which, these organisms start to get rare to the point of extinction due to humongous demands.

Let me guess that in due time, because of world hunger, I would not be surprised that other more common land arthropods around us will be eaten by the common people.  Let me suggest one good dish with a common and easy-to-generate arthropod with lots of benefits.

What about Ginatang Kuto (head lice in coconut milk)?  The main ingredient can be harvested from the sour smelling heads of the street children.  This may actually be one of the solutions to alleviate poverty.  Parents of these children would have lower water bills for they don’t have to wash their children’s hair so as to increase yield production of kuto.  At the same time they could save a lot on their daily shampoo expense.

Also, parents and grandparents can spend more time productively in other chores that can actually increase earnings (like cooking, selling or marketing the dish) because they need not spend their time on “hinguto sessions”.  Remember during our childhood days, our retired grandparents (mine was my lovely Lola Teray) would call us in the middle of a sunny afternoon when all of us kids were busy playing in the streets?  They would grab us firmly by our arm and would concentrate on our heads so as to start their scalp exploration and kuto hunting.  Mine was usually held at the stairs of my Lola Teray’s house.  I would sit a step lower than hers do that she could strategically locate thse mind-boggling kutos.

I wonder who on earth invented suyod!  Thanks to the ever reliable suyod – a specially made comb used to sweep away kuto from the scalp to hair ends – for this will be the device to use when harvesting the elusive arthropod.  This device will also perk-up the industry of suyod-making since there will be big demand in the market for the said hunting device.  Those employees affected by the closure of microchip factories due to economic breakdown can be transferred and assigned in the industrial plants who manufacture suyod, thus, generating more jobs in the country.

However, this new trade may cause for the parents to securely fasten their kids on the main post of their respective houses because there exist a common Pinoy belief that children with lots of kuto will be carried away on air and will be dropped to the mouth of the nearest volcano.

Nowt: di pwede sa mga bedyetaryan…

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