Macau Adventure

It was an amazing weekend! I never thought that my trip and weekend vacation to Macau would be very enjoyable. Macau is a place that a lot of people have yet to discover. The air was surprisingly clean, there was literally no traffic, the people are okay and the infrastructures were great.

Prior to leaving for Macau a lot of people relayed that why should I and my usual tour-mates (Karen & Denton) go there when there are only few places to go to. Well, our Macau adventure proved them wrong.

First hour was already an adventure by trying to look for a restaurant that would fill our empty stomachs. Not all restos in Macau have English-translated menu. Nevertheless, we ended up in a rickety restaurant with somewhat cleanliness problem and non-English speaking servers yet the food they served were superb. We enjoyed it so much we decided to dine back after 2 days of touring around the metro, 2 nights of casino playing and before retreating back to our hotel. Too bad I don’t know the name of the restaurant. It’s written in Chinese characters!

It was in Macau that I ate a fried pigeon for the first time – authentic bird-flu-free kalapating mababa ang lipad. Poor pigeon, even the head with its beak was served munched to the delight by Denton. A true Lutong Macau experience!

All nighs we spent in Macau were in various casino-hotels trying to compare one from the other. Macau adventure would not be complete without playing the casinos. We played every single night that we were there – Ponte 16, Hotel Lisboa, The Sands, The Venetian casinos. We also entered Wynn Hotel & Casino and Casino Jai-Alai but did not played there. The most majestic from my own point of view was the Venetian followed closely by Wynn. The place truly lived up to its name being the Las Vegas of Asia.

I personally loved the Macau Wine and Grand Prix Museums. These tourist spots we learned were being manned by Filipinos. A close second was the Senado Square with lots of shops and tourists trying to find the best bargain. I also enjoyed the fabulous St. Paul Ruins and the amazing Mount Fortress.

One let down though. Chinese people have not over come the habit of “dahak” and yucky spitting. Never did the day passed that we did not hear the local men – with all their might – trying to disgorge their sticky phlegm out from the deepest pit of their nasal cavity so as to spew it out even in the public.

Pinoys will never get lost in Macau. There is always a Pinoy somewhere – inside the resto, the boutique, the plaza, the bus, the hotel, the street, the casino, the restroom. We’re everywhere!

O basta! Hindi lutong makaw sa Macau…

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