Escalator_2 I don’t remember when was the first time I ever stepped on and rode an escalator.  The longest escalator I have ever ridden is the one in Ocean Park in Hong Kong.  While the fastest that I have been to are the ones in Singapore leading to the coaches of their metro train.  The most crowded is the one in MRT Taft station while the slimmest is the one in Robinson’s Ermita, each flight of step can only accommodate one slim person.

While in Australia, I learned an escalator etiquette.  Thanks to Josel Javier viuda de Ledger he thought me to always stay at the left side of the stairs.  He explained that the right side must not be blocked and should always be open to serve as an overtake passage way for those who are in a hurry.

With modern technology thriving nowadays, I have yet to see a spiral type of escalator.  This could be pretty fun among kids who considers escalators as a kiddie cool ride.

However, the term escalator seems to be a misnomer for a conveyor transport device moving up or down.  It is from the root word “escalate” meaning to go up, to rise or to soar high.  Escalator being a name for a stairs going up is fine and okay.  But what about the escalator going down, isn’t it supposed to be called a “descalator”?

Anong Tagalog sa escaltor? Answer: Hagdang Sosyal

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