Outrageous Wishes & Ways of Making it Come True

This is not my bucket list but simply my wildest wants.  I guess everybody got their own outrageous wish… Here’s mine…

  1. Watch a musical production in Broadway, New York USA
  2. Witness an opening ceremony of the modern Summer Olympics
  3. Dance among the crowd in a Madonna concert
  4. Cheer in Wimbeldon’s Men’s Tennis Finals in Britain
  5. Be a studio audience in Oprah’s "Favorite Things" episode
  6. Party in a Carnival Parade in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
  7. Ride a gondola in Venice

These are not actually impossible.  Come to think of it… it’s doable.  All I need are bazillions of money, grace from the Holy, enourmous connections and tons of luck.

Other ways to make these wishes come true is for me to:

  1. eat a lot of chicken breast to find and break the wish-bone
  2. be a politician and get all people’s money
  3. go to churches that I haven’t been to and start wishing, one church per wish
  4. go to all parks in the metropolis and rummage around for a four leaf clover
  5. lie down on my building’s roof every night to search for the elusive shooting stars
  6. blow other’s candles on their birthday cake during parties
  7. go to Ongpin to buy and wear all those lucky charms and crystals
  8. buy mega lotto tickets
  9. drop a coin in every wishing-wells and wishing-fountains that I run into
  10. rub all oil-lamps that I stumble upon
  11. go to Ongpin again to eat and break a lot of fortune cookies
  12. lie on my back under every banana tree’s heart-shaped fruit/flower to wait and swallow its crystal clear solid drop discharge called Mutya.

Dream big.  Libre yon!

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