Pasay Tennis Open

For the past years, there has been an upsurge in the number of tennis tournaments being held in key cities and countries around the globe.  Of course there’s the 4 major grandslams: US Open, Australian Open, French Open and Wimbeldon.  Some of the less popular tennis tournaments are:

  • Monte Carlo Open (in Monaco); Generali Open (in Austria);
  • Dubai Duty Free Open; Heineken Open (in New Zealand);
  • Brasil Open; Chennai Open (in India);
  • Estoril Open (in Portugal); Qatar Total Open;
  • Gerry Weber Open and BMW Open (in Germany);
  • Ordina Open and Dutch Open (in the Netherlands);
  • Thailand Open; China Open; Romania Open;
  • Croatia Open; Prague Open (in Czech Republic);
  • Korea Open; and, Tashkent Open (in Uzbekistan)

Tennis All these competitions and others that I failed to mention makes all tennis players – top seeds and "seedless" alike – to be very busy all year round.  Martina Navratilova in her recent Wimbeldon interview was even bothered by the increase of tennis competitions around the globe.  Navratilova expressed that she wanted fewer yet grander games in each event.

Considering that there are a lot of tennis competitions going on, never in the history of world tennis that a Pinoy made his or her mark.  That is why I am suggesting that our country should join the bandwagon of setting up our own tennis open – Pinoy style.  Let’s call it Pasay Open.  To establish prestige, invited players must only be from the top 30 seeds of the year plus the chosen Pinoy players.  To make it more different from the usual tennis open held around the world, there will be no singles or doubles event.  Instead, Pasay Open will only hold triples event.

Our Pinay contenders for the female triple event will be:

  1. Maricel Soriano, the actress with the hardest hitting hands when it comes to "sampalan" (face slapping) scenes in Philippine cinema.  For sure her whipping forehand would equal the forehand strokes of Maria Sharapova and Jelena Jankovic.
  2. Annabelle Rama, the monster mom of celebrity actress Ruffa Gutierrez.  With her mere stare, sisters Serena and Venus Williams will surely get inimidated resulting for them to shut up and stop their annoying grunts every time they hit the ball.
  3. Bea Alonzo, one of the local "pa-cute" actresses with the most beautiful face for aesthetic purposes.  This is to match the beauty, elegance and charm of Elena Dementieva and the world’s number 1 seed Ana Ivanovic.

While the male triple event Pinoy players are composed of:

  1. Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao, the present king of the boxing ring to counterpart the present king of the tennis court, world’s number 1 Roger Federrer.
  2. Brandon ‘The Truth’ Vera, the Pinoy mixed martial arts athlete of UFC or ‘The Animal’ Batista of WWF.  Their body slams on the canvass can equal the racket slams of Marat Safin.  Also, their big bulging muscles and their large butts are bigger than those of Rafael ‘Vamos’ Nadal.
  3. Neil ‘Delicious’ Langit, a true-blue Pasay citizen to match the pretty face and young agility of Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray.

Sige sali na nga ako para merong "home court advantage".

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