Text Twisted

Text_twist2 Text, texts, twist, twisted, wit, wits, witted, west, test, tested, wise, wised, tie, ties, tied, tit, tits, exist, existed, site, sited, sit, set, exit, exited, sex, sexed, sew, sewed, stew, stewed, wet, wets, wetted, six, twit, twits, twitted, die, dies, diet, diets, tee, tees, teed, ewe, ewes, wee, see, seed, tide, tides, sweet, deist, edit, edits…

Hala! Nabaliw na!

1 thought on “Text Twisted

  1. I dont know if you got this game from the Palm One Smartphone which we all bought from LCA! Yup, I got addicted too and helped my six year old son marco appreciate english better (where he gets to score high). Btw, this fone is now or still worth $565 in a US cellfone web site compared to the 17K we bought it hulugan. However, trying to swap with to Nokia is next to inpossible! Talking about a phone that appreciates in value but sa Pinas zero???


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