Aussie Adventure – Week 1

It’s been an awesome two weeks of vacation Sydney, Australia. I know that my memory will fail me and would not remember every bit of places I have been to here in Sydney in the coming years that is why I will utilize this blog this time as a personal journal on what I have visited, done and experienced in the first week of my stay.

Nightly, before I go to bed, I would note in my cellphone all the major things I have done and have been to. I will just transfer verbatim the notes from my cell phone.

Feb 28 – evening arrival at Kingston airport; clubbing at Columbian and The Shift at the popular Oxford Street

Feb 29 – walked at Hyde Park and went under the shade of the parks towering fig trees; prayed at the mother church of Australian Catholicism, St Mary Cathedral; visited Sydney’s icon, Opera House and Circular Quay; got awed at Sydney Harbour and massive iron presence of Sydney Harbour Brdige; walked at Pitt street; went clubbing again at The Shift

March 1 – Watched the 30th Sydney Mardi Gras Parade at Oxford Street; attended the sold-out big and bold Mardi Gras Party held at the Royal Hall of Industires in Moore Park

March 2 – Got lost at historic buildings of The Rocks; watched a street performer at the Central Quay; had coffee at Starbucks

March 3 – Crossed the Harbour Bridge; went beach hopping, first to Balmoral Beach then to Manly Beach then walked towards the wave-free Shelly Beach and finally to Bondi Beach; ate the famous Aussie fish & chips; saw the edge of Australia through it’s enormous cliffs stopping the Pacific ocean at Sydney Harbour National Park

March 4 – Went to Central Station; ride a two-hours train going to Katoomba, west of Sydney; saw the 3 Sisters rock, Echo Point and Scenic World in Blue Mountains; ride an awesome cable car and heart-pounding scenic railway to witness an Aussie rainforest; walked at a miner’s track in the middle of the rainforest in Katoomba

March 5 – Went to an aquatic hot-spot called Sydney Aquarium and came face-to-face with native creatures at Sydney Wildlife World; saw for the first time the famous kangaroos and koala bears; walked at Darling Harbour.

Kulang ako ng baon ng English, super nose-bleed tuloy!Cimg2546_14

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