Capsules & Tablets

Capsules Gardan is the one that I remember most among all the medicines which I took during my childhood days.  It is the pill that helped me overcome the throbbing pain every time I would suffer from an earth-shattering toothache.

Years ago capsules and tablets are medications that we use to pop to relieve or cure us from any pain, illness or disease.  Now, capsules and tablets do not necessarily heal, there are a lot that proliferates with no claims of supernova therapeutic treatment but merely acts as a body supplement.

Supplements may it be in capsule, tablet or in any other form nowadays is a bazillion peso industry in the country.  Dietary Supplements are so successful, it is already a phenomenon for all food products advertised in the media to be repositioned in terms of advertising and marketing being something healthy, fit, holistic and lifestyle-friendly.  Even caffeine-toxic coffee now is being advertised as a better antioxidant than anything on the face of the planet.

These pills are a runaway success in terms of sales as evidenced by the propagation of multiple big-budgeted TV endorsements.  For the last week, I’ve caught random glimpses of the following in the boob tube making me realize that soon twisted people’s taste buds will no longer be useful:

Heartvit for the heart 

Caltrate Plus for the bones

Arthro for the joints

Memo Plus for the brain

Liveraide Silymarine for the liver

Methathione for the skin

Fitrum for the waist line

Ampalaya Plus for the blood sugar level

Charantia for glucose tolerance

Kidney Care for the kidney

My Marvel Taheebo for the immune system

Xenical for the body weight

Abs Bitter Herb for the abs?! (hahaha!)

Circulan Forte for the body part that needs to erect when the need arises

Capsulac for I don’t know (basta starring Eddie Garcia & Cristy Fermin)

Just imagine ingesting all these supplements everyday to have a fit healthy body?  Obviously, it will make your stomach full leaving no space for the real genuine chow.  As a positive effect, there will be enough supply of authentic legitimate food for the poor since it’s obvious that only the opulent folks can afford to buy all these supplements.  The country will be self-sufficient in its own crops, live stocks and vegetation no longer needing to import produce from other nearby countries.

Now going back to Gardan, I suppose on no account will I pop it again since there will be a very slim chance for me to experience a toothache since I no longer need to masticate these capsules and tablets. Just swallow it!

Nakuuu jos kuuu!

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