Cross In My Pocket

Cross Since the Catholic world will be observing Ash Wednesday on February 6, let me be a little religious this time.  I got this cross in my wallet since the time I could no longer recollect.  I did not purchase it for myself and I could no longer remember who gave it to me.

It’s been a small religious security blanket of some sort, which I could not explain in words why I have it and still chose to have it.  Last January 28 while counting my money inside my wallet I noticed that the cross is broken so I hurriedly have it fixed with glue.  The tiny cross is attached to a small card in which I never thought a note was written at the back.  While fixing the cross, I read what was written which precisely rendered the reason why I have it in my wallet.  Hook line and sinker, it states…

“I carry a cross in my pocket, a simple reminder to me of the fact that I am a Christian, no matter where I may be.  This little cross is not magic.  Nor is it a good luck charm.  It isn’t meant to protect me, from every physical harm.  It’s not for identification for all the world to see.  It’s simply an understanding between my Savior and me.  When I put my hand in my pocket to bring out a coin or key, the cross is there to remind me of the price He paid for me.  It reminds me, too, to be thankful for my blessings day by day and to strive to serve Him better in all that I do and say.  It’s also a daily reminder of the peace and comfort I share with all who know my Master and give themselves to His care.  So, I carry a cross in my pocket reminding no one but me that Jesus Christ is Lord of my life if only I’ll let Him be.”

God Bless everyone!

One thought on “Cross In My Pocket

  • Ooppppssssss…cellphone ko ang ginamit dyan…coz mimi makes everything possible!wag kang kumontra…hahaha.Ay religious ka din pala sometime kala ko delicious ka lang….hehehe


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