Garden Meat

Talong Fruits and vegetable generally refers to the edible part of a plant. It’s a common fact that fruits and vegetables are good for the body. Here in our country, these healthy perishables are often mocked and ridiculed.

Take the case of kamote. Kamote is a word that is use to describe a person who is dense and stupid. Others define it as a person who accepts other probabilities as flaw to any given proposition.

In case of Patola and Petchay, these 2 veggies would often replace the P word when a Pinoy is cursing. Instead of expressing “Anak ng P#+@%^!” folks would change it to “Anak ng patola!” or “Anak ng pechay!” as if these two vegetables were the only garden meat that ladies with the oldest profession eat.

“Couch Patatas” is the Filipino slang version of a couch potato meaning a person who is extremely lazy and spends much of the time either sitting or lying down, usually watching TV. Just like me!

“Patikim ng Pinya” (1996), “Talong” (1999) & “Kangkong” (2001) are movie titles produced and released in the country. They have one common theme though. It’s all low-budgeted bold flicks.

“Oh my Gulay!” is a Pinoy expression commonly used to present a feeling of shock, frustration, excitement, or surprise.

These garden meats can also help to describe a person’s body part – “paang luya”; “balat sibuyas”; “kutis labanos”; “mala-makopang kutis” and “ga-munggong tighawat” to name a few.

“Oo! Inaamin ko, saging lang kami! Pero maghanap ka ng puno… sa buong Pilipinas, saging lang ang may puso. Saging lang ang may puso!”- Mark Lapid in Apoy Sa Dibdib ng Samar

One of the most hilarious lines ever stated in Philippine Cinema. Though expressed in a supposed-to-be serious dramatic manner, this line became a big hit in Youtube among Pinoy viewers. It became a mega-hit in which a hip-hop song was even derived from those side-splitting lines and even considered as one of the most memorable lines in Pinoy Cinema.

Talong, saging, patola, mani, papaya, melon, upo, petchay, pakwan, munggo and kaong have something in common which I won’t dare to discuss or even define.

Holy kamote!

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