Side-splitting Mornings

“Una, magdasal ka para mabuhay ka,

pangalawa, mag-toothbrush ka para mabuhay naman ang iba!”

“Take care ’cause I care

‘Cause wherever you are, there you are

If there you are, here we are!”

Okay, call me jologs if you want.  But I must admit I laugh and laugh hard every time I have the chance to listen to this particular radio show “Tambalang Balasubas at Balahura” by Chris Tsuper and Nicole Hyala on 90.7 Love Radio.

I always look forward to riding a cab going to the office on weekdays because for sure the taxi driver is tuned-in to this hilarious radio show.  With their spontaneous laugh-inviting jokes, contagious glee and smart impromptu on-air chat, the chemistry is so evident between the two DJs.  While inside the cab, listening, I would sometimes try to control myself and would just pass a smile on my face feeling embarrassed with the driver.  But a lot of times, I would burst into laughter.

Chris and Nicole usually receive and pick foolish questions from listeners like “Bakit ang lamok merong pakpak ang elepante wala?”  They would talk about hadhad, buhok sa lalamunan, sumpa, korona ng patay, androids, merthiolate, baku-bakong legs, etc.

On time, the DJs gave advise to a letter sender relaying that the girl he is pursuing has body odor.  Here’s what they advised… “Alam mo kabisyo ang anghit, madali lang yan solusyonan.  Kalamansi lang ang katapat nyan sabi ng mga lola namin.  Lagyan mo ng dinikdik na bato at saka katas ng malunggay.  Tapos imumog mo!” – followed by a stupefying laughter by both DJs.

One question went, “Magkapatid ba si Robinhood at Little Red Riding Hood?”  Their answer: “No, mag-neighborhood lang sila”, followed by a their riotous laughter.

These DJs are never pretentious and are very natural.  I consider it an effective morning rush-hour antidote.  Their laughter is so infectious.  They laugh at their own jokes and sometimes they would laugh at their own laughter.

Uhmm, aminin nakikinig ka din…

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