Amazing KhaoSarn

Spending 4 days in Thailand was simply breathtaking.  I got to experience a culture that is totally different from the Philippines.


Neil_in_temple_1 With their new-fashioned airport, I was astounded.  With their exquisite Buddhist temples, I was bewildered.  With their fast moving Tuktuk, I was stupefied.  With their terrible road traffic, I was shocked.  With their gigantic Central World, the biggest mall in Southeast Asia, I was amazed.  With their majestic Grand Palace, I was entranced.  With their enticing spicy food, I was delighted.  With their relaxing foot massage, I was pleased.  With their unexpected hospitality, I was surprised.  With their orange-clad and slipper-less monks, I was enchanted.

But nothing measured up to the experience I had in Thailand when I walked along the bohemian street of KhaoSarn Road.  It is considered the backpackers’ home and tourists’ cubbyhole in Thailand.


Khaosarn_road_4 Aside from the never ending hive of activity, I found almost everything in KhaoSarn Road.  Trendy stylish clothes, rare exotic street food, pumped-up trance dance clubs, swank voguish bistros and coffee shops, incalculable money changer stations, inimitable roadside artists and performers, soothing massage salons, low-priced bling-blings, hair-raising hair-braiders, drunk smelly tourists, lost tourists, happy tourists, dancing tourists, tourists victimized by pickpockets, suspicious looking fortune-tellers, countless budget guesthouses, worn-out sleepy Thai policemen, juvenile henna tattoo artists, fake driver’s license fixers, etc. 

I may not fell fully in love with Thailand, but I definitely enjoyed and was truly impressed on the liveliness of KhaoSarn Road.

Yun nga lang… walang BINATOG sa KhaoSarn!

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