Inmates in Limelight

My cable TV do have CNN, BBC, Discovery, Animal Planet, HBO, Disney and other popular international channels.  But I don’t know what specific cable channel provider in the Philippines shows the American ABC channel.

Recently, ABC channel in the US featured a documentary presenting the backstory of the most popularly viewed viral video in YouTube for the past weeks.  The "Thriller – Pinoy Inmates" video exploded in the internet and was overwhelmingly rife that CNN even featured it in one of their stories.  I personally have seen the short CNN news feature.  The CNN news feature was not as comprehensive as the ABC report.

I know Pinoys have the tendency to imitate other people who are featured in the news, like those dim witted mortals going up the billboards in EDSA so as to catch media’s attention.   I hope that this won’t send a wrong message to Pinoy morons that a way to be popular in the internet, they need to be in jail.

Hate it or be proud of it.  Personally, I’m not pleased with it.  But you be the judge on how others see us…

Umeksena na naman ang mga Pinoy… tsk, tsk, tsk!

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