Tsugi na si Sidney Sheldon

During my college years, my favorite novelist was Sidney Sheldon.  I still remember during breaks and in between classes when my classmates Jong (Villas), Karen (Batangan), Marie (Dela Victoria) and I would talk and discuss about the events that transpired in “Rage of Angels”, “Master of the Game”, “Bloodline” and “If Tomorrow Comes”

I can still recall those week nights when I could not put the (borrowed) book down because of the high degree of suspense and the clever plots of the story that kept me turning the pages.  What is best about a Sheldon novel is, you will be kept hanging at the end of each chapter that will leave you with no choice but to continue reading the next one.  

Sidney Too bad he passed away.  He died last January 29 due to pneumonia complications at the age of 89.  Nevertheless, a few months back, I bought “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” one of his most recent novels before he said adios to this so called Earth.

From all the Sheldon novels that I have read, my personal favorite is “The Other Side of Midnight”.  Sheldon published it in 1973.  I still remember Noelle Page, Catherine Alexander and the playboy Larry Douglas as the main characters. 

Sheldon My first encounter with this novel was not reading the book but watching the movie version of the story released in 1977.  My father brought home an original Betamax copy of “The Other Side of Midnight” from Saudi Arabia and I got so impressed with the story.  VHS or CD was not yet available during those years and it was cool to own a betamax then.  During those early days of my life, I never knew that such movie was based from Sheldon’s novel until I reached college.

Alive or tsugi, I loved Sheldon.

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