Are We Really That Stupid?!

Senate Election season is on!  Senate race is heating up! This early, Pinoys are contemplating on whom are they going to vote when they exercise their right to suffrage come election date.  For me, I have yet to list down my selected candidates for the senate.  But for sure the following candidates will have difficulty to be included in my list:

  1. Trapos (traditional politicians) vying for reelection.  These politicians have gone surprisingly rich during their term in the government and no way would I allow them to get richer.  Besides, some candidates wanting to be reelected are already geriatric cases who rarely spend a day in their respective offices.  Enough with the trapos please.

  1. Kin of politicians.  These are candidates who would ride along the popularity of their names and their relatives.  I simply abhor political dynasties!

It’s creepy to imagine if these dynasties will be elected in the senate.  It’s like four families controlling the lives of 90 million Pinoys:

Pia Cayetano and her brother Alan Peter Cayetano

Tessie Oreta Aquino and her nephew Noynoy Aquino

Loi Ejercito and son Jinggoy Estrada with half-brother JV Ejercito

Nene Pimentel and son Koko Pimentel

  1. Showbiz personalities. You don’t need to be a whiz kid to know that acting on movies and being a news anchor on TV are totally different from the demands of public service and/or writing a law. 

Until now, I can’t still stomach the fact that “saling-pusa” Lito Lapid and the playboy Bong Revilla are senators.  Former senator and now vice-president Noli De Castro could not even pronounce the word “special” correctly considering that he was a news anchor.  He would pronounce it as “espeyshal”.  It gives me goose bumps to envision brainless arrogant Senator Richard Gomez having a scuffle with the equally dim-witted Senator Jinggoy Estrada inside the senate house!  Yikes!


If these folks are elected, I guess we are… 

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