Federer is Betterer!

Federer3 While munching a bunch of pinipig chocolate flakes, I enjoyed watching the men’s finals of 2007 Australian Open on StarSports channel.  The spectacular tennis game was between, Chile’s pride Fernando Gonzales and my personal favorite, world’s number 1, Roger Federer.

With his usual piercing eyes and mega focused play, Roger Federer won the game without losing a set.  Switzerland’s Fedelicious displayed brilliance, grace, poise and power all throughout the game.  The steamrolling Gonzales failed to match the uncanny speed and moves of King Roger.  He was totally in command!

One thing I missed though, he did not cry this time during the awarding ceremony.  Unlike last year, he was like an endearing boy who could not contain himself due to the overflowing emotion he felt when he won the game.

Federer4 On the last point when King Roger won the grandslam title, I jumped, clapped and shouted crazy like a loony fan.  Then, I suddenly noticed the sofa where I was seating.  It was full of crumbs from the pinipig chocolate flakes I was munching.  Pati pwet ko may flakes!  Nag-walis tuloy ako!

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