Calling All Pinay Nannies and DH in Britain!

Shilpa You probably heard the news that Shilpa Shetty, the pretty Bollywood actress has been discriminated a number of times in Britain’s Big Brother Celebrity edition TV Program.  She has received downright bitchy and racially pejorative remarks from her housemates.

Some of the discriminating remarks were:

  • British celebrity housemates speculates that Shilpa, who has starred in more than 40 Bollywood films, was a "fake" celebrity planted in the house
  • Shilpa has been called a "dog" by one of the housemates and some complained about her touching their food
  • A female housemate (a former singer from the campy pop band S Club 7) mentioned that Indians were thin because they were always ill as a result of undercooking their food
  • Another British housemate said that Shilpa should have stayed in Bollywood and she would love to squeeze Shilpa’s neck until the eyes pops out.

We Filipinos loved the local Big Brother series in the Philippines but we should never allow this to happen to our Asian brothers trying to live a life in a western country.  Indians as a form of their protest have burned effigies of the British flag or the Big Brother logo in public.  But what about us Pinoys?  How are we going to protest against these racist acts towards our fellow Asian without the Britons ever knowing it?  Here’s a suggestion…

Pinoy domestic helpers are everywhere around the world.  They have been domestic helpers and nannies to the children of international corporate moguls, oil magnates and royal families.  We Pinoys are no longer amazed when a young prince or a son of a European President has a Visayan accent when he speaks English since he learned this from his Visayan nanny.  Pinoy domestic helpers can actually be the principal weapon of the Philippines towards world domination.  Tomorrow’s world leaders for sure will grow up with a Pinay nanny and house helpers.

Vetsin2 Therefore, as a form of opposition and disproval to these messy racist deeds by Britons, I would like to call on all the ever reliable Pinay domestic helpers serving in British households to put a lot of vetsin (monosodium glutamate – the unhealthy wonder powder) in the food of their masters.  In this way, Britons would love, appreciate and enjoy the Pinoy’s prepared dish without them knowing that the food is already a bit noxious.  Maybe and hopefully, the vetsin in each of Briton’s body system can bring them to their wise senses.

Suggestion lang naman… kainis kasi…

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